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Organization of the electronic payments receiving ROBOKASSA

ROBOKASSA — is the service, that allows sellers (on-line stores) to receive payments by plastic cards, in every e-currency, using mobile commerce services (MTS, Megafon, Beeline), E-invoicing via leading banks in Russia, through ATMs, through instant payment terminals, and with the iPhone application.

7 mln. registered
EPS users

Payment system list
More then 100 mln.
cellular abonents

Payments receiving ROBOKASSA is:

  • 1 contract with us;
  • 1 accounting record set on a monthly basis;
  • 0 purses. Records are maintained by us;
  • 0% funds loss risk resulting from intruders actions. You do not store the funds.

Connection is held for once.
Out technicians know the nuances of working with all systems, you do not need to delve into it.

Receiving funds to your account.
13 payment systems. If the new payment system enters the market we will connect it.

All types of payments «from one window».
  • More then 100 million cellural abonents;
  • Million plastic card holders;
  • 7 million Runet users;
  • 83% make shopping in the on-line stores;
  • 10% of customers refuse to buy in internet store as they can not find suitable payment method.

  • Do not want to loose clients? Connect to Robokassa.

ROBOKASSA — service project, world leader in the on-line exchange and e-currency equiring.
Since the ROBOKASSA project started more then 10 000 stores has connected to it.