SMS payments receiving

Receiving SMS-payments with the help of ROBOKASSA service on your website — means the convenient interface and low fees for your customers and, moreover, the ease of working for you.

Receiving payments through SMS is the system of calculation, that appears to be popular with all sorts of paid services customers. Receiving SMS-payments may also be integrated in on-line store. However, worth noting, that it becomes the most expedient when the store offers relatively inexpensive goods. In any case, every resource generating the cash transactions with user should not be ignorant of receiving payments through SMS. Plenty of users find this instrument the one and only or the most convenient way to pay, without resorting to cash.

In the ROBOKASSA’s interface SMS-payments are offered along with the other payment instruments. The payment is instantaneous and is held immediately after posting message to the proposed number. Payment safety is provided through the simple and reliable identification system usage.

Receiving SMS-payments with the help of ROBOKASSA service occurs to be the convenient solution for the resource owner offering goods or paid services. Owners do not need to enter the supplementary agreement or implement the complex service configuration to start accepting payments — the SMS-payments receiving function is provided by the system.

ROBOKASSA guarantees low fees and the reliable protection of the funds transferred to a particular web-resource. Taking the responsibility for receiving website clients, ROBOKASSA creates such conditions of cooperation that the financial risks are minimal but opportunities to get profit are great.

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