Receiving payments through QIWI, Eleksnet, Comepay etc terminals

ROBOKASSA — is the easy payments receiving through instant payment terminals.
Sizing ROBOKASSA opportunities allows to avoid the setup procedure for the given payment system. On-line store clients will get the opportunity to pay to you with the help of terminals immediately after the service connection.

Currently, this payment method is one of the most popular with the paid services and on-line stores clients, it could be explained by the easy payments.
Using ROBOKASSA, you will get the opportunity to receive payments through terminals of the major payment systems.

Currently, ROBOKASSA supports:

More than 100 thousand of payment terminals in Russia are available for clients of the on-line stores connected to our service — each of them contain the «ROBOKASSA» button in the menu.

Thus, after our system connection for paying for goods and services on your site, it would be sufficient for your clients to make cash into the nearest payment terminal. This payment instrument availability will allow you to make transactions more easily, getting more opportunities to increase profit.
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